Piecing Puzzles

Looks who's back! Hi guys! It feels strange typing here, strange but somehow nice, like reconnecting with an old friend after parting ways. You've both changed with time & don't know how to start all over again, but there's a certain feeling of anticipation that comes with experiencing fun & new things together. You both still have fond memories of how good it feels when you are together but at the same time you want to take time to get to know each other again. Somehow like trying to piece together a puzzle, you have the image of how it's supposed to look like in the end, but the process to this end takes time & is quite interesting.


That's a feeling that I get once in a while while trying to dress up. I have several pieces in my closet & I have like a picture in my head how one would work with another, but the fun part is trying out all the options to see which fits the best. I don't do this daily, sometimes I just throw on the first thing that I see, but on most days, I love 'puzzling' & 'piecing'!

  • Top                         DIY, option
  • Jeans                    Thrifted (Urban Outfitters), option
  • Cardigan              Local boutique, option
  • Boots                    H&M, option
  • Bag                       Gift from Kenya, option