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24. August 2016
Lawyer turned Artist, Nathan Sawaya resigned from his successful Law career and began to build famous Artworks using LEGO Bricks.
13. August 2016
Who would have thought that attending an Exhibition all about 'Sneakers' would be so interesting. I am not exactly a 'Sneaker/Sport shoes Fan' even though i have to admit that they are the most comfortable shoes ever made. But walking through the Exhibition & reading all about the history & development of this 'Kult' in the last years was really impressive.
16. June 2015
The last 2 weeks have just been crazy for me, so so much work to do & responsibilities with so little time. Anyone planning on becoming Self-employed so as to enjoy free time & flexible working hours as opposed to being employed and working at specific durations (9am-5pm) is in for a big surprise. Being self-employed actually means working 3times as hard and longer than when one is employed. Trust me, am not complaining, but slowly am starting to realise that I cannot do everything by...
04. June 2015
The sun is shining, it is getting warmer, our spirits are high and the perfect time to bring out our lighter clothes. This graphic T-Shirt can be combined with almost anything, a pair of jeans for a casual look, skirt for a more smart look. The Map of Africa and the Text make it even stand out more. I've always loved a clean and crisp 'White on White' outfit & went for it in this post. I combined this T-Shirt, with a pair of white jeans, & red minimal Heels to add that pop of colour....
17. May 2015
I have to admit that before buying the Concert Tickets, I had no idea who Lecrae was. But just because i love music & attending concerts, Í decided to get the Tickets & experience the Concert with my girls. And it was more like a Belated Birthday Celebration with the ladies.