Statement Trenchcoat as a dress

The trench coat is one of Fall's must-have piece of outerwear that is not only a timeless classic but also never really goes out of style. It can be found in many styles & colours & there is definately a coat for everyone's taste. Black, camel & grey are the most common colour choices but why not make a statement with a printed trench coat, like this Khanga one from our latest Collection.

And when you find a nice one like this, why not make it work double duty & wear it as a dress. Yes, i know it can be tricky with wind & the possibility of showing everything out, but it can totally work as daytime dress. A few important things to keep in mind are:

  • Always wear something underneath, even if it's just a simple slip dress like this one that i wore on this previous post or a pair of Spanx, because you need something between your skin & the coat that you'll want to wear again. Make sure that your undergarment's hemline is short enough so it's concealed under your coat-the look you're going for here is film noir sexy, not granny's day out at the library.
  • The length is quite important too, if it's too long, it will still look like a coat, too short & you'll risk overexposure. The perfect length should reach your knees.
  • Don't choose to wear your trench coat as a dress when you're in a situation that might get hot & uncomfortable, so Fall is the perfect time for such an outfit. Events that are mostly outdoors (a garden party or a day of shopping) are the best because nobody will ask to take your coat:-)
  • Accessorize to make your trench coat to look more like a dress & less like a coat;  add shoes that match your handbag (this will create continuity & make it look more like 'an outfit', pile on some sassy jewellery  or some cute socks with your heels like i did here & watch the compliments come rolling.


  • Khanga trench coat                                             Available here on my website
  • Vintage clutch bag                                               Thrifted, love this here & here
  • Heels                                                                       Local Boutique, similar here & love these here (if only i could walk in them)
  • Socks                                                                      DIY, love these here & here


What do you ladies think of wearing your trench coat as a dress. Would you take on this bold style move, or is it a bit too much for you. Please leave a comment below & thank you so much for visiting my Blog.


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