Handmade at Kariokor Market

Kariokor Market is an open-air market that should be on everyone's list of 'Places to visit' while in Nairobi. Not only does one get the chance to browse through artwork pieces, jewellery, African inspired home decor pieces but also to get to see these amazing artists at work. There are tailors working on the different types of bags, women using beads to create beautiful jewellery, weaving baskets & even carving the different sculptures.


It was amazing to see how recyclable materials are used to make slippers & shoes, some of which are decorated with colourful beads. With so many beautiful artefacts to choose from, i had a problem deciding what to buy. It is a market where one can definately end up ruining their set budget just in order to buy everything.
We made a short vlog below documenting our trip, hope that you will enjoy it..

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