Maasai Print Ruffles

Some call it 'Tartan print' but for me, this is a 'Maasai print' because it is widely associated with the 'Maasai' of East Africa. I used a 'Maasai shuka' to make this a ruffle skirt whose design was inspired by the popular Gingham ruffle skirts. I made this skirt a couple of months ago when I needed a 'Kenyan-inspired' outfit to attend the 'Sauti Sol' concert in Berlin (but it has since then lost some inches on the hemline).

And in keeping with my 'Valentines Day' theme, I just had to include it in one of my outfits. Though I have to admit that the ruffles on the skirt really accentuate hips (a plus for me), but I highly doubt that this will be a hit with my sisters who are more 'amply blessed' than I am. I guess that means back to 'designing board' for me.

  • Skirt                                        Made by me, Gingham print option here
  • Pullover                                  H&M, option
  • Clutch                                     Old (thrifted), option
  • Boots                                      Zara (thrifted), option
  • Earrings                                 Available here