East Meets East

3 guesses what the blog title is about....Hint Hint (Far East Asia & East Africa)!


One of the fashion trends in the last seasons has been 'Asian Inspired' & it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Such pieces are characterized by their ornate detailing with today's designers adding their own contemporary spin to it. The runways & stores were full with Chinese-inspired silhouettes in colorful florals adorned with embroidery, feathering, mandarin collars, contrasting binding & silk fringing found on Kimonos, Pyjamas, Robes, Dresses & Accessories too. 


Oh, & the riddle, East Africa is home & my dress is well, 'Far East-inspired'. Get it....cheesy, I know :)

  • Dress                          Thrifted, option
  • Pantssuit                    H&M, option
  • Mules                          H&M, option
  • Stole                            As seen here, is thrifted & part of a blazer, option