Uneven Grounds

Uneven grounds just like uneven hemlines must be cleverly tackled. Pieces of clothing with Asymmetrical hemlines can be tricky to pull off but when done correctly, I think they bring out the fun in every single outfit. And that tactic also applies in life when you find yourself on uneven grounds; you have to be very careful when planning on your next move. You either tread very carefully or you don't make a single move & stay safe (something I often find myself doing). A very cowardly approach to life especially for someone like me who is very adventorous (fashionwise), but who in their right mind wants to slip & fall with nothing to hold on to? I guess that means that I will stick to uneven hemlines & try my best to stay on even grounds.

  • Dress                                      H&M (thrifted), option
  • Basket bag                            Gifted (is atually a brid-cage), option
  • Boots                                      Zara (thrifted), option