Straight lines & Assumptions

What's the first assumption that you make when you see me (online or in person)?.....

Many people are surprised that I am not as tall as I look in my photos. 'Objects may appear bigger/taller than they really are...' That probably has to do with the angle at which my photos are taken because I have never claimed to be tall at all. Or is it the outfits that I tend to wear, like this striped look, you know how vertical lines have a way of making you look like 'Naomi Campbell' :) 


Oh, & another assumption is  that I have my life together (rolling my eyes), that's like the worst assumption ever. On the contrary, nothing is in order at all, for example I just received an Email from my local library reminding me to return one of the romance novels that I borrowed a month ago, & I have absolutely no idea where the book is. Not to mention the fact that I also haven't had a chance to read it.


I guess in life, nothing is really as it looks like & in a way, we should treat assumptions as challenges which make us be eager to gain the courage to not only ask questions but also find out what lies beneath it all.

  • Shirt                    Old (H&M), option
  • Skirt                     Zara, option
  • Booties               Thrifted (Zara), option
  • Bag                      Own design
  • Earrings             Mango, option