Korfu...through my Eyes

We had the opportunity to spend an amazing 8 day Holiday in Korfu (Corfu), a Greek Island in the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands measuring a proper 592,8 square km. We stayed at the 'Robolla Beach Hotel & Apartment' which I can highly recommend especially for families with children because of not only it's facilities but also the hospitality of it's staff. The food, weather & general atmosphere in Korfu was wonderful & even though we did not see much outside of our hotel residence as the blog title clearly says, the Island will always have a special place in our hearts.

  • Bodysuit                      Zara, option
  • Skirt                              DIY
  • Watch                          Suede Watches
  • Fan                            A gem made in Ghana that I picked up at the Afrika Tage Festival in Hamburg
  • Dress                        H&M
  • Sandals                    Thrifted (Zara), option
  • Swimsuit                       H&M, option
  • Straw Hat                     IKEA, option
  • Dress                           Guess (thrifted), option
  • Clutch bag                  Part of a bag
  • Heels                            Deichman, option
  • Earrings                      Mango, option                          
  • Swimsuit                           H&M, option
  • Hat                                     Boguk, previously worn here via Afroshick

Who else still sends 'Snail Mail' while on Holiday?

  • Swimsuit                        DIY
  • Slippers                          Havaianas, option
  • Sandals                               Birkenstock, option