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17. September 2017
'African Art is traditional dances, music, outfits, drums & masks.' That is the idea that comes to many people's minds when they hear this phrase. But actually modern African culture & it's works has unfortunately not been accorded it's true definition & thus not yet been given a pedestal & position that it deserves. This is where the Art Exhibition 'Die Andere Seite' which is part of this year's 'Vernissage Projects' comes in. By giving young & upcoming artists who are...
16. February 2017
The Nairobi National Museum on Museum Hill was initiated in 1910 by a group of enthusiastic naturalists under the then East Africa & Ugandan Natural History Society who needed a place to keep & preserve their collections of various specimens. It's aim is to interpret Kenya's rich heritage & offers a one stop for visitors to sample the country's rich heritage both for education & leisure.
20. November 2016
This was my second time attending the annual 'Affordable Art Fair' in Hamburg & i quite enjoyed the experience this time, mainly because we didn't go with the Kids, so we had ample time to walk slowly through the gallery & take in the beauty of each and every piece of Art. Over 75 national & international galleries participated in the exhibition which offers the public a chance to not only view the wonderful artworks but also buy them with a price ceiling of 7,500 Euros. It was...
24. August 2016
Lawyer turned Artist, Nathan Sawaya resigned from his successful Law career and began to build famous Artworks using LEGO Bricks.
14. November 2015
Have you ever seen an outfit for the first time & knew immediately that you had to get it? Well that was what happened the minute that I lay my eyes on this 'Outfit' at the Dockland Fashion Show 2015. This amazing Top was designed & made by a talented Designer here in Hamburg, & when I approached her to ask her if I could buy it, imagine my joy when she offered to make me one, for free. I combined it with black leggings & heels for a friend's wedding but on this day, I decided...