Vintage Shopping at a Fashion Museum

A warm day spent at a Fashion Museum that is situated inside an ancient Castle is my defination of a good day. Schloss Meyenburg which was build in the early 1400 was restored and turned into a Museum that includes a Fashion Museum, Historical Museum & a public library.

My favourite part was of course the Fashion Museum which showcases an elaborate collection of Outfits belonging to the collector Josefine Edler dating from 1900-1970 which is absolutey beautiful. Unfortunately, photography isn't allowed inside the museum where the Outfits are so you will just have to pay it a visit to see it for yourselves. But to make up for that, they have a small boutique set up with a cafe inside where one can try out the different outfits, hats, bags & accessories available for sale & also enjoy some coffee & freshly baked cake.

The historical museum is also quite interesting with different artefacts from war, education, industrial, health, photography & agricultural past are all displayed. And a beautiful park with lots of plants, flowers & even a kids playground provides the perfect set up for a picnic on a warm day.

I was able to find some really cute pieces like this pink skirt that i wore on this previous post.

  • Dress                                        As seen on this previous post, is available here on my website
  • Choker                                      DIY (came as a belt to a top worn on this previous post)
  • Shoes                                       Deichmann (previously worn here) love these here & these pink ones


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