Camel & Gingham Love

Finding a camel coat that was the perfect length that I wanted & which was affordable too turned out to be a major problem. So, I decided to make one myself which turned out quite cute especially when styled with this Gingham top that I made myself too. And now that the sunny & warmer side of Spring is taking it's sweet time to show up, I get a chance to rock my new coat now.

  • Gingham Top                                                    DIY, similar available here
  • Jeans                                                                 Old (H&M), simlar available here
  • Coat                                                                   DIY, similar available here
  • Sneakers                                                           Deichmann, inspired by these here
  • Bag                                                                    Old (H&M), love this here too
  • Headwrap                                                         Available here in my shop
  • Sunglasses                                                       H&M, similar available here

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