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30. October 2017
'Women who support each other are confident, generous, visionaries'........Mariela Dabbah This is an exhibition & market founded by Cleopatra Hänsen which aims to bring together talented women who are also business owners to give them an opportunity to showcase their products. It takes place a couple of times in a year & I was able to attend the last one this year for the first time.
05. October 2016
'Anytime women come together with a collective intention, it's a powerful thing.' O-Shun One of the seven African Powers. The Goddess of love and abundance. The power of desire is hers and she often uses this power to transfer. She is beauty, laughter & generosity. The erotic is her sacrament. She is often compared to Aphrodite and is identified with the portrayal of our lady of Caridad. O-Shun likes to heal hurt with love and plants seeds of change in people.
05. September 2016
It reaches a point in every small scale Business' or Entreprenuer's existence where there is a need to have an increased level in Sales. When you start any Business, every single order that you receive is a milestone that is greatly appreciated. But for any Business to succeed, there needs to be a constant flow of such orders to ensure a continuity in production which in turn means a continued existence for the ´Business.
19. August 2016
'Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women's Group' is a Kenyan Volksmusic Group led by the talented Anastacia Oluoch Akumu. Her talent was discovered as she as a little girl was herding her Father's cows & has been described as being able to sing before Chiefs & Warriors, both standing on their feet & dancing to her wonderful tunes.
19. June 2016
The African Women in Europe Conference is held once a Year in different cities in Europe with an aim to bring together women from all over Africa who live, work or are based in Europe. This is a Forum which provides them with an opportunity for them to meet & discuss various issues affecting them, how they can deal with such issues & to generally enjoy each others' company while learning about something new in the process.
04. April 2016
To be honest, designing & making these African inspired evening gowns for the Miss Kenya Germany Beauty Pageant 2016 was quite a big challenge for me. In as much as I love my prints & bright colours, I always try & tone down on my creations, make them into simple outfits that do not 'shout' in any way & can easily be combined with other pieces already available in any woman's wardrobe.
01. November 2015
In my head, this is me when I meet my neighbour/ friend at the Market & she tells me a very interesting and funny story that just makes me laugh out loud. Well, this is not a typical outfit that I would wear to my local market in Kisumu, Kenya (Oile Market). I can just hear my Mother's voice, ''Flo, don't you dare leave this house that you are going to the Market in that short dress. Please put on a Trouser or a skirt under...'' But this is an Outfit that I can wear to a Party, Lunch with...
04. October 2015
Finally I get to present to you my Fall/Winter Collection 2015. The last month has been short & hectic as I worked long hours to turn my ideas into reality. And at last, I got to present the outfits at the dockland Fashion Party 2015 on the 1st of October at IndoChine Restaurant,
07. July 2015
Last Sunday was pretty warm so after church, we decided to check out the 'Altonale Festival'. This is one of the biggest Festivals here in Hamburg which goes back to the late 1990s. It attracts many visitors, almost Half a million people who get to experience the various Exhibitions & Activities that it has to offer. These include Art, Music, Fun for Children, Culture, Food, Literature, Film, Theatre, Antique & Flea-Markets.
31. May 2015
The weather today was a bit funny, sunny, cloudy, cold & warm all at the same time. So we decided to visit The Museum für Völkerkunde here in Hamburg. I became aware of it’s existence when i was given a Flyer by some nice Lady that we met at an African Market/Exhibition. She had told me that they were having an Exhibition about African Masks which kids found very interesting. And for us, anytime we hear the word Africa‘ mentioned, we are always very curious to see and experience...

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